The 10 best food stores in Paris

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Discover the 10 best food stores in Paris and meet passionate food artisan !

In this article we’re offering you a list of the addresses of the best food stores. This list will allow you to buy delicious products to consume directly or purchase gifts to bring back home. Moreover, we will advise you on how to identify good food spots hidden all over town!

A typical café in Paris, ideal for wine breaks !

In Paris, there are thousands of good addresses! But unfortunately there are just as many terribles ones and the common “tourist traps”. For over 3 years, we’ve been trying to sort out the good and the not so good so we can share with you the Parisian gastronomy under its best light.

The followings are the 10 best food stores in Paris that we selected for you :

  • Cheese Shop : How can we not start this top 10 with our national treasure, cheese? At Le Food Trip, we love everything that comes out of ordinary, that’s why we fell in love with this unique cheese shop in Paris : L’Affineur Affiné*. There you will find a fine selection of cheeses, all from small productions. Mathieu and Morgane, the owners do
    Some of the 450 cheese varieties we have in France

    not « just »  sell excellent cheeses, they also servedthem in a meal! They propose in their restaurant a lunch formula and a brunch (during weekend). Everything is cooked with fresh and delicious cheese! A unique concept in Paris that we highly recommend. L’Affineur Affiné, 51 rue Notre Dame de Lorette 75009


  • Wine Shop : Les petits domaines*, la cave d’Isabelle is worth the visit. All the wines offered here come from small vineyards and small producers. Meaning that you will eventually discover some rare wines that you would not find everywhere! Here we come for the wine of course, but also to spend a moment with Isabelle, the very warm owner of this shop. Passionate about wines, she’s always ready to share her knowledge with visitors. Good tip : she does propose free tastings every Saturday afternoon. Les Petits Domaines, 208 rue de Grenelle 75007


  • Tea Shop : An unusual place! More than just a simple tea bar, it’s a real alchemy laboratory! Martin & Vincent have opened their charming little shop Kodama* a few years ago and since its opening it has been a clear success! It is a popular meeting spot for tea lovers and local resident. Going to Kodama feels like entering in a small haven of peace, very cocoon. there you won’t find simple mint or vanilla tea. Martin and Vincent learned in Taiwan a cold brewing technique with natural mountain mineral water. Cold or hot teas, all blends are unique and seasonal. The pastries will go very well with your tea :). Kodama, 30 rue Tiquetonne 75002
Martin & Vincent, the two young owners of Kodama
  • Italian Deli : Welcome to Delitaly, one of the best Italian grocery stores in Paris! You will find all the great classics: delicious deli meats and cheeses, wines, oils, liqueurs, biscuits, pasta, truffle chips … The owner has selected the best products from his native country. You can also come for a quick lunch : generous lasagna, piadinas (an italian sandwich), and focaccia. The quality of the products is irreproachable, the service is warm and in Italian for those who want to try to practice the language. Our advice: let yourself be tempted by the Spianata Calabrese, a very spicy Calabrian sausage !  Delitaly, 21 rue de Poncelet 75017


  • Bakery : We won’t be talking about baguette here (although theirs is excellent)
    Our tastefull Jambon Beurre

    but about a sandwich: the jambon-beurre. Some call it tasteless or meaningless? That’s because you never went to the right place! At Picto, you will rediscover this classic of the French fast food! A warm, crispy and perfectly golden baguette, authentic semi-salt butter from a small producer and finally a generous and tasty French white ham… Ideal for a lunch break or a gourmet snack! Picto, 68 rue Lafayette 75009

  • Fine grocery and sandwiches : L’Épicerie Julhès is the Food trip favourite in matters of sandwich. Each of their sandwiches is tailor-made to suit your tastes, you get to pick every ingredients you want! First, choose your baguette : white, cereal, or tradition. Then pick your butter: sweet, semi-salt, salted. Now let’s move on to the real deals: cheese and cold meats. Choose from a wide selection of cheeses (not only French) worthy of the best cheese shops and a large delicatessen display. Ingredients are weighed and the price is established accordingly. Warning: don’t mistake the Julhès sandwich shop with L’ Épicerie Julhès that are in the same same street. Épicerie Julhés, 54 rue du Faubourg St Denis 75010
  • Chocolate Shop : Another unique address in Paris. Ara Chocolat* creates the only vegan chocolate in the capital and it realizes the whole roasting process on their own in the back shop. Indeed, Andrés and Sabrina, both from Venezuela knows how to work the beans that they import directly from Latin America! Prepared without any milk or butter, the intensity of the bean flavours is increased tenfold. At this chocolate shop discover a chocolate like you’ve never tasted before. Do not hesitate to ask questions, the owners are always happy to share the story of their chocolate. They received several medals including the gold medal for the best chocolate: you can trust their products! Ara Chocolat, 54 rue de Dunkerque 75009

    Andrés’s amazing chocolate tasting
  • Gers Food Grocery : Gers is a region of France known for its great and generous specialities.  At Maison Tête* everything, including Martin the owner, comes from this area. As soon as you get through the door, you can feel the spirit of this beautiful region and if the product aren’t convincing enough, Martin’s accent will definitely be! Foie gras, pâté, duck rillettes, wines and beers… Here the “Produits du Terroir” are kings! Located in the very pleasant rue Cadet, the shop’s small terrace is perfect for enjoying a good glass of wine and a plate of cold meats. Maison Tête also has a restaurant activity with a menu that changes every day! Maison Tête, 20 rue Cadet
  • Provence Food Grocery : Ready for a trip to the South of France? The Maison Brémond 1830* will transport you directly to Provence. Géraldine is passionate about
    Géraldine the very friendly owner of la Maison Brémond rue des Martyrs

    her products and will let you taste many of them. We especially recommend the delicious olive oil tasting! She will advise you to find the one that suits you best. You can also find tapenades, terrines, sauces, biscuits and many other products that will leave a sunny taste in your mouth! Maison Brémond 1830, 9 rue des Martyrs 75009


  • Jam : La Chambre aux Confiture* is a this pretty shop which name literally mean ” the Jam room”. There, you can find unique flavours like Mango, Passion Vanilla (our favourite), or the speciality of the house, the famous Strawberry Champagne, but also all the classic aromas sublimated by this fully artisanal production of jam! All jams are free to taste, take one of the little spoon in self service and get ready to discover unexpected and delicious jam flavours! Be careful, one quickly becomes addicted to these jams and you may not have enough room in you shopping bags to bring them all back with you … La Chambre aux Confitures, 10 rue des Martyrs 75009  
The amazing jam wall of La Chambre aux Confitures

You can find all the addresses marked with an * in our Paris Food Passport to go further in the discovery of these exceptional food artisans!

As a short final note, we want to share the criteria by which we came up with this list. We studied the quality of the product, its artisanal character, the welcome and warmth of the artisans as well as the passion they show for their products, the quality/price ratio and finally the originality of the concept and the products put forward are at stake. Obviously this list is not exhaustive, and we are keen to discover new addresses every month! Our goal is to regularly publish a new top 10 of the best addresses of Parisian food artisans !

Finally, if you are yourself a Parisian artisan or if you have addresses to advise us, we will gladly test the products !

As promised, here are some tips to identify the best food spots and avoid tourist traps:

  • Avoid well-known big chains such as Paul, La Durée, Brioche Dorée and other standardised brands. Even though the names seems prestigious to you and are internationally recognized, it is always worth choosing small shops where you have a lot more chances to find fresh and handmade products. You will also be able to appreciate the local and unique atmosphere that small shop owners often emphasize. By choosing them, you will help small businesses survive and participate in maintaining their timeless know-how.
  • Talk to the shop owner. Feel the atmosphere of the place, the passion with which he speaks to you about his products and the soul of his shop. What emotion did they want to convey to you through the products and decoration?
  • Observe the products! How are they conditioned? Are they all standardized and identical? What care is taken with them? Feel the smell in the shop. So many clues that can guide you on the quality of the products sold!


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