The 5 best sandwiches in Paris

Let’s make the lunch break great again!  Ready to enjoy the best sandwiches in Paris?

Before we start, do you know the origin of the sandwich?

It is named after an English lord, Sir Sandwich who was nourishing a real straw for card games. He never left his gaming table, not even to do justice to the sumptuous meals that his servants were preparing for him.  So they decided to offer this inveterate player a meal served between two slices of bread so he could keep playing while eating with one hand! This is how the sandwich was born! The story does not say why the discovery took the name of the Lord and not the name of the valet…

If there is one thing that us French really like for lunch, it’s our sandwich.Whether it is ate in 10 minutes or enjoyed during 1 hour, it is the highlight of our work day, the companion of our trips and the star of our picnics.

Nothing better than a hot panini to warm up !

Unfortunately sandwich does not always come with deliciousness, we all have a bitter memory of a sandwich bathed in mayonnaise, with a ham that was not even pork and other rotten ingredients.

Never again, with this (non exhaustive) list of the best sandwich in Paris!

The Italian one : For your biggest hunger! A sandwich with the taste of a trip to Italy. Generous, delicious, just the right balance of ingredients, this sandwich is a (large) pleasure that can’t be denied. Served hot, you can enjoy them on site or take away. Try the “Classico” a hot panini with mozzarella, amazing white ham and salad, simple but so good !

The + : very generous

The – : the price (between 6 and 10€)

Rusidda, 1 rue Borda 75003


Credit Photo : Carmen Vazquez - Paris Bouge
The Kebap at Zarma // Credit Photo : Carmen Vazquez – Paris Bouge

The revisited one : Do you know the kebap? No no no, we’re not talking about kebab but kebap! At Zarma you will discover the famous oriental sandwich in its most beautiful light! A warm and soft bread roll, a meat scented with herbs and spices for a gourmet result, very fragrant but not stuffing. Probably the best (and only ) kebap in Paris.

The + : Zarma style poutine fries with chorizo powder.

The – : few tables to sit

Zarma, 64 rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle 75009


The traditional “boulangerie” Panifica

The French one * : On the go! Here, we skip the traditional baguette sandwich and order a croque monsieur. Tasty, prepared with homemade bread (the baker was formed by a “Meilleur Ouvrier de France”) with a selected ham and a generous melt cheese, we are fond of this French classic.

The + : the breathtaking view of the Sacré Coeur

The – : a rather simple decoration on the inside

Panifica, 15 avenue de Trudaine 75009


The panini at Pressing // Credit photo : Justacoté

The original one : Can you see the connection between a panini and a dry cleaner? Neither do we in theory, because in practice it is in a Pressing ( dry cleaner in French) that you will find the best paninis in Paris. Behind this rather random name, their recipes are just as crazy. There, you won’t find the eternal and tasteless tomato mozzarella, but rather paninis with snails, braised lamb, mimolette cheese, anchovy cream or smoked burrata and pork breast. The chefs only select products of very high quality to offer hot crispy sandwiches that are quite unusual.

The + : unique and original recipes (and very good cocktails in the evening!)

The – : more expensive than classic sandwiches

Pressing, 1bis rue de Paradis 75010


The pizza one : Simply amazing. Those little Italian cones will take you to Rome! On the menu, cones made with a soft pizza dough filled with undeniably fresh and varied products. We enjoy it so much that we often order a second one to prolong the gourmet experience offered by the Cornetteria! Hurry up before this good address is prized by all Paris.

The + : Very affordable formulas

The – : One cone is not enough to fill your stomach until the evening.

Cornetteria, 58 rue d’ Argout 75002

Beautiful isn’t it ? // Credit photo : Parisianovores

Bon appétit …

* You can find this address and enjoy a free espresso there thanks to the Paris Food Map.

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